1. Tulsa, OK

  2. Bullshit Market / Beachmaster - Split
    Bullshit Market and Beachmaster

  3. Frataxin / Natty Gray - Split
    Frataxin and Natty Gray

  4. Purpose - Single
    Oz E

  5. Beachcrust
    Beachmaster and crustgirls

  6. ACTUALLY DYING, many apologies
    ACTUALLY DYING, many apologies

  7. Smug Split

  8. Radiationfuck Of Noise
    Natty Gray x Contraktor

  9. A Night Out With Natty and Robin
    Camellia Girls

  10. Campbell & Gardner x TRWFYITAIWW - Split
    Campbell || Gardner / Trent Reznor Will Fuck You In The Ass, I Will Watch

  11. Cyber Trash Vol. 1 - Single

  12. Aaron and Natty's 2k16 Noise/Folk Jamboree
    Aaron and Natty

  13. Avoca Ozarko - EP
    Avoca Ozarko

  14. Star Wars Episode VII Should Have Never Happened

  15. Somewhere Between Kansas and Boston... Halfway To Oz - Split EP
    ACTUALLY DYING, many apologies /// We Watched In Horror

  16. 元気じゃない

  17. Organ Donors EP
    Organ Donors

  18. \\\ UK ::: US ::: Split Tape ///
    Natty Gray and Platemaker

  19. An Exploration of Hickory's Estate
    Natty Gray and Lars Gardner

  20. I'll Keep Thinking Too
    Natty Gray and Robbie Valluri

  21. Kemet Dank x A.Goff ::: SGOD ::: Bass Boosted

  22. Absent In Breath ::: Despondent In Force // Beaten Down ::: Tread Upon // If Apathy Is Death Then I've Been Living Under Soil // Burdened ::: The Bridge Collapses // Absent ::: Night Begins To Fall // The Island Will Disappear
    Natty Gray and James Doesn't Exist

  23. The ネーかいじゅ Remixes ::: Bass Boosted and Noisy
    Natty Gray and naE Kaiju

  24. Natty Gray x Tiffany Yiffs
    Tiffany Yiffs and Natty Gray

  25. Platemaker ||| Natty Gray ||| Split ::: Audio Assault
    Platemaker and Natty Gray

  26. Benzo Mr. Lean Freestyle
    Benzo and Kaiju Nae

  27. ::: |The Lukewarm| ::: |Self-Titled| ::: Remixes
    The Lukewarm and Natty Gray

  28. {|X/:::\X|} かいじゅネー
    Natty Gray and naE Kaiju

  29. Underground Hits ::: Noisy Remixes [Bass Fetishist] ::: Vol. 1

  30. veryspecial::: RIP MY ENEMIES {Noisy Remix} :::verykind

  31. Legend Of Zelda

  32. {}{}{}
    Natty Gray and naE Kaiju

  33. Zoe D. & The All Night Rockers - EP Part 1
    Zoe D. & The All Night Rockers

  34. Aaron and Natty's 2k14 Summer Noise/Folk Bonanza
    Aaron and Natty

  35. :::Select Demos:::


Natty Gray Tulsa, Oklahoma

Discography of various DIY genres made in peoples' bedrooms, garages, basements, attics, etc.

I co-run a cassette tape, art, and sound/music label called Cult Love.

A lot of different stuff.

All music featured here are various projects I have participated in.
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